Visionary Eye Care - Dr. Sandra M. Yelen

Dr. Sandra M. Yelen, OD

Providing the highest level of eye health care in both a professional and empathic manner is what Visionary Eye Care patients come to expect and rely on. Beyond the examination room and diagnosis, we create a personal connection with our patients. We believe this unique approach is the foundation to providing them with the very best long term and consistently high quality eye care.

Visionary Eye Care delivers comprehensive care to patients of all ages. Our commitment to technology and style provides them with eye care and eye wear solutions that combine the critical need for optimal sight with the emotional desire for appearance and style. We want our patients to not only see well, but look great too!

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Early eye exams for children are extremely important because vision problems often are related to poor performance in school. Research suggests that antioxidants and other important nutrients may reduce your risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Until you reach your 20s, your eyes let in way more damaging light than older eyes.
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